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Using polymer clay, Browne and Blue creates fun, bright, statement and on trend designs for the everyday and special occasions.
14mm clip on
18mm clip on
Stainless steel clip-ons
Please note: 
Item’s colour may differ from screen to screen. Each polymer clay bead has been individually hand rolled and no two beads are exactly the same, which makes every item beautifully unique. You will not receive the exact item pictured, but a replica made to the same specifications.
Care Instructions:
Please take care of your earrings as they are delicate. Although waterproof and any items with foil leaf or glitter are glossed with a waterproof glaze, we advise not to leave them out in direct sunlight or wear them in the water.

Clean your earrings with a baby wipe if needed or alternatively a light wipe with water and dishwashing liquid. 

Polymer clay earrings are handmade in Moss Vale, NSW, Australia by Browne and Blue.

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