Wire Headwraps Styling Photos | Purple Leaf Collective

Our beautiful handmade Wire Headwraps are available in various prints and fabrics and available in 4 length options:

Small 73cms - Suit Children* and Adults $18.00 each
Medium 78cms - Suit Children and Adults $20.00 each
Large 83cms - Suit Children and Adults $22.00 each
Extra Large 88cms - Suit Adults $24.00 each
All wire headwraps are approx 7cms wide. As each wire headwrap in handmade, dimensions may very slightly in length and width.
* We do not recommend them for babies and toddlers because the wire could be a strangulation risk.

Some of our amazing customers wearing our Wire Headwraps.

All Wire Headwraps are handmade in Calderwood, on the NSW South Coast. Shop Wire Headwraps here.